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Replacement Cartridge Kit for SMF IC620-5 High Draw Booster Combo

Replacement Cartridge Kit for SMF IC620-5 High Draw Booster Combo
Replacement Cartridge Kit for the SMF SMF IC620-5 High Draw Booster Combo
Part # 108-025S
Rated Boosted Capacity (Gallons): Chlorine :
100,000; Chloramine *: 30,000
Rated Un-Boosted Capacity (Gallons): Scale: 75,000
Min./Max. Pressure: 40– 125 psi
Min./Max. Temp.: 40º– 100º F
Inlet/Outlet Size: 3/8” Barb Standard
Shipping Weight: 30 Lbs.
Size: 20” Kit
Water Booster Data: McCann’s 4.4 Gallon, 115V, 60 Hz.
Inlet Pressure: Minimum: 20 psi
Outlet Pressure: 80-100 psi
Flow Rate: Maximum: 100 gph
Oz. Available from 80 – 100 psi: 51 Oz.
Total Reserve Available at 40 psi: 222 Oz.
• Improve Taste of Fountain Beverages
• Provide Safe, Clean Ingredient Water
• Reduce Chlorine, Chloramine, Bad Tastes and Odors, Total Organic Compounds, Tannins and Trihalomethanes
• Increase Fountain Sales
• Increase Carbonation
• One filter can do it all: dirt reduction, chemical reduction and chloramines reduction! No pre-filter required!
• The first Jumbo Sanitary Filter on the market!
• Nylon construction to withstand high pressure!
• Filter Performance Guarantee!
• 40 times more dirt holding capacity than conventional carbon block filters and other polypropylene sediment filters!
• 30 times the chloramine reduction of a conventional carbon block!
• Low pressure drop!
• Modular filter design for up to 50% less installation time!
• Ultra High Porosity Carbon with Micro-Structure
• Siliphos Scale Inhibitor
1 TO 2 Carbonators
• Fountain and multiuse application such as coffee, tea and ice
Now able to ship most filters next day!
If you are purchasing for multiple stores, please call for special pricing.
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SKU 108-025S  
Weight 30.00 lbs
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