X-Tend Oil Purifier

X-Tend Oil Purifier
Deep-fat frying is one of the most commonly used methods for the food preparation and manufacture. During frying at about 190C (374F), as frying oil thermally and oxidatively decompose, volatile and nonvolatile products are formed. As a result, not only have functional, sensory, and nutritional qualities of oil been altered, but also oil life is shortened.

X-Tend is Selecto's is patented technology to purify and extend cooking oil life. Carefully tested by independent labs and with more than a decade of use in thousands of kitchens, X-Tend is the culmination of extensive R&D efforts at Selecto facilities. All X-Tend ingredients are FDA generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use as processing aids in food production. X-Tend is a specially engineered, multiple functional absorbent. It not only removes different degradation by-products like free fatty acid, total polar materials, and soap but also removes particulates, like breading crumbs and detached product pieces.

A simple mechanical pump is employed, to draw the hot oil from the fryer kettle and drive it through the filter element. Unlike the leading competitor's products, with X-Tend, there is no powder deposit on the surface of fried foods. And, because there are no dangers from airborne powder, there is no need for kitchen staff to don a mask when pouring the powder.

* Hot Oil purification media for open fryers and pressure fryers at temperatures of 300-600 degrees.
* Extends oil life up to 400%
* Filters out impurities in used fryer oils Results in superior tasting food Reduces total polar materials by 73%
* Reduces soap by 87%
* Maintain color and flavor of original oil
* Dramatically reduces oil absorbtion into fried foods

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