Spa Combo

Spa Combo
Spa Combo: One NanoSTICK® for Spas and one NanoSPRAY® for Spa Covers. The perfect way to make owning a spa a pleasure instead of a chore! Save when you buy both! NanoStick is a revolutionary new kind of water clarifier that ZAPS organics on contact! Ammonia, dead skin, hair, and any other organic simply disappears leaving your spa water crystal clear. No more chemical fumes. No more scrubbing the "ring around the hot tub." NanoSPRAY keeps the mold and mildew off your spa cover. First clean, then spray. Lasts for weeks. Another real time and energy saver.

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  • Author: Russell Hill (
    I was working on Selecto's web site when I got my first NanoSTICK for spas. They gave me one to actually experience one of the products I was working to promote. I thought it was interesting technology, but wondered how effective it would really be. Boy was I surprised! This thing was more than GREAT!

    We tended to have lots of friends show up to play in our hot tub, which meant that we often had 8 people in there leaving hair and dead skin, etc. in the water. Usually the next day the water would be a real mess, to say the least. When I got the NanoSTICK, I tossed it in after everyone went home. To my surprise, the next day the water was crystal clear!

    Now I only change the water twice per year when I get a new NanoSTICK. Every now and then I have to add a tiny bit of liquid clarifier, but not often at all. I've saved a lot of money on chemicals and water bills. But the biggest savings has been my time. As long as I have a spa, I'll be using the NanoSTICK for spas, and the NanoSPRAY for Spa covers! Both are real work savers!
NanoSTICK and NanoSPRAY Combo
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