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One PureCool Water Filter for Water Coolers and Water Crocks/Urns

One PureCool Water Filter for Water Coolers and Water Crocks/Urns
PureCool Water Filter is designed for use with almost any Water Coolers with bottles and all standard ceramic water crocks. Fits both 3 or 5 gallon water bottles.  PureCool lets you Make Your Own Bottled Water at a savings of up to 95%!

Each PureCool is ANSI/NSF approved to purify 140 gallons of tap water.  If your water is disinfected with Chlorine instead of Chloramine it may last up to 300 gallons.  Likewise, if you are only filtering out BPAs from bottled water in polycarbonate bottles, or sediment from spring water, each PureCool may last up to 300 gallons. That equals 28-60 5 gallon bottles or $210 - $450 worth of Pure Drinking water per PureCool!

PureCool removes BPA, chlorine, chloramine, lead and heavy metals, mold, algae, bad tastes and odors & BPA from polycarbonate water bottles.

NSF Standard 42 & 53 for lead.  Made in the USA.

* Rarely needed: If the opening above the reservoir of your water cooler is wider than 6 1/4" you will need a PureCool Adapter ring to allow your PureCools to fit properly. Just let us know and we'll include one in your first order. Works with cooler opening up to 7 1/8" wide. Reusable for years.

*Opening in top of cooler must be at least 4 5/8" wide. PureCool is 4 1/2" wide at the bottom.

You may want to include our ez-Fill Kit to make filling your bottle with tap water fast and ez!
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Do you need a PureCool Adapter Ring?
Do you need and ez-Fill Kit?
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sandra Tanaka (warwickenterpris@aol.com)
    This is such a fantastic deal! Now I don't have to lug all those bottles home from the store to have Safe, Clean, Great tasting bottled water! As a matter of fact, I don't even have to leave my kitchen. I'm saving lots of money too, which makes it even better. As long as I have a water crock I'll be using PureCools instead of buying bottled water!
  • Author: Chris Wood
    Boy have PureCools made my life easier! Now I don't have to lug 40 pound bottles of water in from the garage; I just fill them in my kitchen. Using the Better Bottle I don't have to worry about BPA leaching into my bottled water, and the PureCool takes out the chemicals. Now I KNOW our water is safe. It tastes great. I'm saving hundreds of dollars on bottled water and feel better about what we're drinking. I also feel better knowing I'm doing another small thing to "save the planet" by not having all those bottled water deliveries to my house. Thanks for such a great solution!
  • Author: Bill Holland
    PureCools are the simplest way I've ever seen to have filtered water for my water cooler. They actually do last as long as I was told they would, they make the water taste great, I get to use safe, BPA free bottles with them (unlike bottled water delivery), they're a lot better environmentally than trucking around bottled water, and I save a bunch of money. I'm really happy I found these.
How to use PureCool with a ceramic water crock
PureCool Water Cooler Filter lets you Make Your Own Bottled Water
How to use PureCool filter for water coolers and crocks
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