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SMF Contamin-Eater 714 Whole House Water Filter

SMF Contamin-Eater 714 Whole House Water Filter
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Don't settle for only filtering out sediment and chlorine like most whole house water filters! Remove 99% of dangerous chemicals that harm your health, providing you with safe, great tasting water for drinking, bath and shower. Experience: softer skin, silkier hair, and better health. If your water is disinfected with Chloramine, removing it will also protect your appliances, water pipes, and stainless steel. Also, if you have chloramine in your water you need a filtration media capable of removing both chlorine and chloramine. Our Hollow Carbon media can't be beat!

* For Chlorine, this filter is large enough for 3-4 people for a full year. Capacity: 70,000 for chlorine
* For Chloramine, filter Capacity: 21,000

* Flow Rate: 7-8 GPM. Plenty for homes 2500 sq. ft. or less.
* NSF Certified to Standard 42. 3rd party Tested and Approved to NSF Standard 53
Reduces: Chlorine, Chloramine, Sediment, Bad taste & odors: ammonia, hydrogen sulfite, metallic tastes, Cysts: Cryptosporidium Giardia, Entamoeba, and Toxoplasma; THM's, VOCs, MTBE, Organics, Tannins.
* Easy installation. Many people can do it themselves.
* Sanitary Quick Change Cartridge makes replacement ez! No tools required!
* Made in the USA

14" Replacement Cartridge only $ 239.98

*Because of many unknown variables, filter Capacity is not guaranteed when used with well water. Well owners usually benefit from a sediment pre-filter. Please have well water tested before purchasing any brand water filter.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Darrell Wood
    We noticed right away how much better our skin and hair felt! That was almost as great as the improvement in the taste of our water!

    I installed this filter in our crawl space in about and hour and a half - including having to run to the hardware store for some copper pipe. Not a bad job at all. It was actually fairly simple.

    Since getting the Contamin-Eater I've bragged so much about it that several of my friends have also gotten one and they are just as happy as I am.

    Super great customer service too!
  • Author: Pete Mangos
    We bought the Contamin-Eater 720 Model because we were concerned about the quality of the water in our area, Orlando Florida. The TTHM levels in our water were through the roof. The Contamin-Eater 720 has been a great aid in keeping the levels low. The odor, texture and color of the water has been greatly improved. We also chose a Selecto product because the price was just right for the huge return in quality.
  • Author: Denis DHuyvetter
    I had been concerned about the contaminants in the water I was drinking for a long time. Then I began to get dry, itchy patches on my skin, and realized my eyes were always burning when I was in the bath or shower. I talked to my doctor who suggested I get a whole house filter to remove the chemicals from my water.

    After a lot of research, I found that ezClearWater.com was selling the same filters that Coca-Cola and Pepsi use. I thought, those companies can pick any filter in the world, and they choose these! Pretty impressive! These must do a great job. So I called Donna. Donna was extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all my concerns and questions and helped me choose the right size system for our needs.

    I bought the Contamin-Eater 710 Whole House water filter and was able to install it myself. It was a pretty simple project. Since then, my skin has completely cleared up, my eyes no longer burn, and my water actually tastes a lot better than the bottled water I had been spending a fortune on. I couldn't be happier with my choice!

    Denis, in South Carolina
  • Author: Matt Long
    Hi Donna,
    I just wanted to let you know that I finished installing my water filter today and just took my first "filtered" shower. WOW!! What a difference!!
    Our skin and hair feel much softer without the chlorine, etc... in the water.

    I attached a picture of my installation job (with by pass system).. with this email.

    Thank you so much in recommending the Shark Bite fittings they worked great!... I used them on the connections to the filter and that was definitely the answer to that problem, because I ended up having to adjust the fittings slightly to get a leak less seal.

    The Shark Bites saved me from having to use a plumber and they also allow me to take care of any maintenance or repair issues that may come up in the future with the system.
    Another great thing is...I don't notice one bit of loss of water pressure either... so that's a wonderful surprise as well.

    Great Product!!
    My wife and I are very pleased.
Contamin-Eater 714 Whole House Water Filter 70,000 gallon capacity
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Pre-Filter 1
14" SQC Replacement Cartridge for SMF Contamin-Eater 714 Whole House Water Filters
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Pre-Filter 1 14" SQC Replacement Cartridge for SMF Contamin-Eater 714 Whole House Water Filters Quick Change Replacement Cartridge for Legacy 105 & 105-F
SMF Contamin-Eater 714-2 Whole House Water Filter
SMF Contamin-Eater 714-2 Whole House Water Filter