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If you have ANY kind of problem with our Shopping Cart, please contact us at: 770-532-4743 or Verizon 678-936-1274 or email to customercare@ezclearwater.com. As we grow and upgrade sometimes there is a technical error we cannot fix unless you let us know you are having a problem, so we sincerely appreciate your input!



Why can't I find reviews for your water filters in places like Consumer Reports?

Selecto's primary business is commercial water filtration for restaurants and beverage producers like Coca~Cola and Pepsi, so they do not spend marketing dollars on the residential market. That would be up to ezClearWater to do because we are the Residential Distributor. We have check into having this done and it is quite expensive. We are a small business and frankly cannot afford the expense yet. In addition, we feel the fact that companies like Coca~Cola, Pepsi Co., Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, and thousands more are pretty darned good references! They require the best, and they chose water filters created by Selecto just like the ones we sell to our residential customers. What better "Review" could you find?


Can I install the Legacy Under the Sink filter myself?

Yes. Most people can install this filter with no problem. If you have a few tools and are just a little handy, you can install either size in no time at all.


Can I install the Legacy with a separate faucet just for filtered water?

It certainly is not necessary, but yes, you can do that with no problem. If you decided use an extra faucet, keep in mind the flow rate of that faucet. Many will only give you ½ gallon per minute. (Plumbers who don’t cook much may tell you it doesn’t matter, but when you’re standing at the sink trying to fill a large pot for cooking pasta you may disagree!)

Our Legacy series filters are so inexpensive to use that most people simply plumb them into the regular faucet. If you waste a little filtered water on your dishes, they’ll just be cleaner and with fewer spots! The plants and animals will appreciate the clean water too! Unless you have a lot of people in your house, one cartridge per year is almost always enough.


Will Legacy remove rotten egg smell from my water?

That depends on the source of the smell. If you have well water with high iron content, it may help some, but not eliminate it. Reverse Osmosis is the most effective type of filtration that will remove ALL metal ions, including the healthy ones. RO is expensive and wasteful of water, but in some circumstances it is the only thing that will do the job. RO is for drinking water only because it will corrode pluming and appliances when used as a whole house filter.
Another option is the Green Sand filter. You might read up on both options to see which is better for you.


Can I install the SMF Whole House Filtration System myself?

That depends on your skill level. The SMF system is a very straightforward install. If you’re a Do-it-Yourself type, you can probably do this. Otherwise, plumbers usually charge from $130 to $150, maybe plus materials, for the job. Selecto filters almost never need a pre-filter, so the installation is a simple, in the left, out the right.


Can the Contamin-Eater filters be altered to flow from right to left?

Yes. If you let us know when you order the filter we can assemble it to change the flow from right to left. This is an easy change you could even do yourself on a single cartridge system. It’s trickier for the double or triple cartridge systems, so we prefer to do that ourselves and ship it to you ready to install.


Can the SMF Whole House systems be installed outside?

Only if you live in a climate where they are very unlikely to freeze. Freezing could crack the filter and voids the warranty. Customers in southern California and Florida often install their filters outside with no problem.


Some sites say their whole house filters last for 7 years. Why do you recommend replacing the cartridges every year to year and a half?

This is an important issue for you to understand. One of the purposes of having a water filter is to remove the chemicals from your water. After the chlorine or chloramine has been absorbed into the media, those chemicals are no longer present to kill bacteria. (Our filters have an addition to the media to kill bacteria inside the cartridge for a year or more.) Imagine what would be inside a cartridge after 3 years! The bacterial growth would be such that you would have cleaner water if you did NOT have a filter at all! Water flowing through bacteria filled media is hardly safe. No restaurant or beverage producer would ever consider doing something this dangerous. Why should you?


Do the filters have to be installed upright?

Actually, no. Some plumbing codes say they must be, but Selecto filtrations systems will function perfectly lying on their side. Example: on the floor of your kitchen cabinet instead of mounted on the cabinet wall. This is rarely an issue, but if you need to do this, it’s not a problem.


What if I buy the wrong size?

If you have not yet used the filter, let us know and we'll work out an exchange. If you have already begun to use it, then just use up what you have. When it's replacement time, order the cartridge size you need! That’s just one of the cool advantages of Selecto filtration systems. All our filter heads fit all our cartridge sizes. If you change your lifestyle or family size you can adapt the filter to meet your new needs by simply changing the cartridge size. Even if you need to go from a double cartridge system to a single cartridge system, you can get a plug for one filter head and keep right on using the one cartridge! Selecto’s modularity makes it extremely adaptable. A real advantage!


Do I need a Sediment Pre-Filter?

Very rarely! The SMF Whole House systems are excellent at sediment removal.

There are two circumstances we have encountered so far where the sediment pre-filters have been quite helpful. Both times we used them so that the Legacy under the sink cartridges would last longer. 1) With very high sediment well water. 2) In the Boston area where the municipal water system is very old and pipes are not in the best of shape. Also in Houston where there is an extremely high level of sediment in the water. The Sediment Pre-filter cartridges are as little as $6.50 each, so changing those cartridges frequently allowed the Legacy cartridges to last much closes to their expected capacity. The savings ended up being well worth the extra initial expense.


What do I do if you go out of business? How can I replace my cartridge?

Gosh. Thanks for asking! ;-) First, we won't be going out of business until we learn how to stop eating. Second, Selecto is a huge commercial filtration company that has been in business more than a quarter century. They won't be going anywhere, and they would provide their usual fantastic customer service to you!


What is a By-Pass plug? And why would I need one?

It is always a good idea to be able to by-pass the water filter in the event of an emergency. There are two ways to do this: One, plumb in water pipe and valves that allow water to flow to your home, bypassing the water filter. Two, remove the filter cartride(s) and screw in the By-Pass Plug in its place. This allows water to flow through the filter head without being filtered. Either way will work.
You would need to do one of these two options in the event that you forgot to order a replacement cartridge and it clogged, or in the event that your cartridge was damaged by weather or some other unforseen problem. Most people never need a By-Pass Plug, but if they do, it is worth its weight in gold! It means they can still have water supplied to their home while the problem is resolved.




Can I get a discount to resell and install your filters?

Yes. Give us a call. We’ll be happy to work out a price with you.