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Bio-Diesel from Used Cooking Oil is better with X-Tend

X-Tend Oil Purifier for Filtering Used Cooking Oil for Bio-diesel:

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X-Tend uses patented technology to super-filter your oil making it burn cleaner and more efficiently - giving you higher mileage for all your labor. It even filters out the french fry smells! Compared to competitors: High Efficiency means you use 50% less so it costs you less! X-Tend is a patented technology to purify and extend cooking oil life. This oil purifier will more than pay for itself with highter efficiencey; higher mileage. Carefully tested by independent labs and with more than a decade of use, X-Tend is the culmination of extensive R&D efforts. All X-Tend ingredients are FDA generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use as processing aids in food production, so it's perfectly safe for you to handle in fuel filtration. And, because there are no dangers from airborne powder, there is no need to don a mask when handling the powder. X-Tend is a specially engineered, multiple functional absorbent. It not only removes different degradation by-products like free fatty acid, total polar materials, and soap but also removes particulates, like breading crumbs and detached product pieces. HOW TO USE: If your are filtering oil for Bio Diesel, you are already employing a simple mechanical pump to draw the warm or hot oil from the container and drive it through the paper or fabric filter. Normal oil filtration removes particles larger than 5 microns but leaves in smaller organic particulates that produce the funky smells. X-Tend works by causing those smaller particulates to stick together into 70 micron sized clumps so they are not allowed to pass through your 5 micron paper or fabric filter. After you have done the preliminary filtration, simply sprinkle X-Tend powder onto the top of your filter paper or fabric. As the oil passes through, X-Tend "grabs" the microscopic organic particles into clumps allowing only Super-Clean oil to pass through - leaving you cleaner, more efficient, and much better smelling fuel! Use only 2 oz. of powder per batch of oil being filtered. X-Tend Saves you Money. It more than pays for itself in higher mileage, and it's good for your engine. 20 lb. Pale lasts a long time!


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X-Tend Oil Purifier for Bio Diesel
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Filter Used Cooking Oil for Bio-diesel
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