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Healthy Living? My Funny Experience Buying a “Water Filter”

It all began with a phone call asking me what grocery store I use. Some jovial man was going to give me a coupon worth $25 for that store! Hey, who doesn’t want a free $25 bucks these days? But wait…there’s more free stuff! I’m also getting a free water test and my coupon will be delivered in person. Cool. Funny thing though. All this free stuff could only be delivered if both my husband and I were home. Hmmm…

The night for our free coupon and test came and there was a knock on the door. This nice man came charging in carrying a large kit of some sort and charged right into the kitchen. Right away, he told us he was definitely NOT a filter salesman – he was a water quality technician. In no time he had everything set up all across my countertops. There was a small “filter” of some sort attached to my faucet so that he could run water through either it or my regular tap. The kit was open with lots of bottles – empty and full, and he had a large three ring binder open in front of us.

He methodically went through page by page of the binder explaining many of the problems with what comes out of my tap, always referring to it as, “Raw, untreated water” as if there is no municipal water facility in my town at all. Of course we already knew about these problems, and for the most part what he said was true. But we didn’t interrupt; we wanted to hear his routine. He told us how his “filter” had cured him of lifelong skin conditions and that was why he went to work for the company. He said the filter would clean itself, so we’d never have to so much as replace the media inside – just add more blocks of salt.

For the most part, we let him do his thing, but when he showed us all the symbols of all the institutions that certify their products I took notice. Everything was there: the ANSI, NSF, Water Quality Association, everything you could think of. So I asked him, “To what standard does the NSF certify these filters?” It was pretty hard not to laugh when he gave me the answer, “All of them!”

Well that was a little bold to say the least, so I had to press on saying, “Well… I know some of the standards are for different types of filters, so isn’t there some standard that applies to these filters?”

His reply, “Well all of them apply, but that doesn’t matter. Nobody knows what all that stuff means anyway.”

Keeping a straight face at that point was a bit challenging, but I managed. I don’t know if he caught the look my husband and I passed to each other.

As time passed, he put dye in this bottle and potassium hydroxide in that one. He washed a glass, and rinsed a washcloth in a bowl, always repeating the mantra: “Raw untreated water” as he explained. When the demo was over he asked if we had any questions, so I tried again. “So exactly what contaminants does this filter remove?”

“Everything,” he replied.

“Really? What about fluoride? I know fluoride is hard to remove.” I said.

“Yes, everything.”

Eventually our nice guest began to pack up his kit without attempting to sell us anything. I waited. He packed. So I figured I’d take the bait. After all, the sale was coming some time and he’d already been in my kitchen a couple of hours. I didn’t want to make it three. “So if somebody wanted one of these, what do they cost?”

Needless to say, the more I baulked, the lower the price – from a total of $8738.70 down to the original $6995.00 – no tax, free installation. Then he went on to the payment plan where the price and interest rate didn’t really matter, just the monthly payment I could make from all the savings I’d see from reduced costs of soap. In the process, I learn that if I really wanted clean water I’d also get the Under-the-sink filter to go with the big boy. That small, shiny silver thing really looked pretty. It must be worth the extra thousand smackers added onto the bill!

I wrote down the model numbers to look up later. Sure enough, this “filter” that removes “everything” was a salt-brine water softener. Nothing more. If I were depending on that system to keep my family and me SAFE, all I can say is, it’s a good thing that what comes out of my faucet is not “Raw, untreated water!”

I didn’t get the coupon that night either, though about a week later I did get a letter in the mail with a web address where I could download one myself.


These days water contaminants are the kind you can’t see – toxic chemicals causing cancer, birth defects, infertility, and more. I’m relieved to know I’m now protecting my family’s health because we use state-of-the-art water filtration by Selecto Inc., made right here in the USA. Selecto has been innovating for commercial customers for 25 years. Now these superior filtration systems are available for home and office use through ezclearwater!

Donna Hoffman is the owner of http://www.ezClearwater.com , provider of the highest quality, earth-friendly water purification products for home, office, pool and spa. Our goal is to share products that are “Good to You and Mother Earth Too.”

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Are You Allergic to your Water tap?

It may seem odd but there such a thing a being allergic to water. This is a special type of water, the type that flowed in to approximately 265 households near Charleston, W.Va. They used it for shower, cooking, and drinking. Only recently they realized that their flowing tap has high levels of contaminants. After comparing notes with neighbors, they were surprised that a lot of them had common skin allergies and other types of skin burns. They all blamed it on nearby coal companies. Lawyers are currently working on a formal complaint against these alleged violators.

A sad reality to note is these things happen with fact that we have all the means to detect and regulate dangerous chemicals from being used alongside our water source. Unchecked violations are mounting through the years, which is also directly proportional to the environmental and population health damaging effects. All you need to do is dig through government archives. The word carcinogen, which refers to cancer causing substances, is alarmingly linked nowadays to our drinking supply. Although this would not be the case decades ago but it may also be possible that it’s just now that those affected are being heard. Still, the government is having a hard time with strict implementations because huge businesses are involved and laws are not yet fully defined to be applicable for new industrial processes.

The only temporary way to protect ourselves immediately is to be careful with what we eat and drink. The water filter industry for households was born due to that need of having access to safe drinking water at home. Of course, having an alternative solution at home doesn’t mean that violators could go ahead and pollute our water source. At least while the government takes its sweet time to find a way to track down and impose sanctions on violators, we have an option to protect our families.

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Yes, I found the answer to taking better care of my family’s health. I know you too, will be happy with what I found: the Contamin-Eater Whole House water filtration system by Selecto, Inc., the industry leader in commercial filtration innovationand made right here in the USA. Now they’re available for your home right here at ezclearwater!

Donna Hoffman is the owner of http://www.ezClearwater.com , provider of the highest quality, earth-friendly water purification products for home, office, pool and spa. Our goal is to share products that are “Good to You and Mother Earth Too.”

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