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Are You Allergic to your Water tap?

It may seem odd but there such a thing a being allergic to water. This is a special type of water, the type that flowed in to approximately 265 households near Charleston, W.Va. They used it for shower, cooking, and drinking. Only recently they realized that their flowing tap has high levels of contaminants. After comparing notes with neighbors, they were surprised that a lot of them had common skin allergies and other types of skin burns. They all blamed it on nearby coal companies. Lawyers are currently working on a formal complaint against these alleged violators.

A sad reality to note is these things happen with fact that we have all the means to detect and regulate dangerous chemicals from being used alongside our water source. Unchecked violations are mounting through the years, which is also directly proportional to the environmental and population health damaging effects. All you need to do is dig through government archives. The word carcinogen, which refers to cancer causing substances, is alarmingly linked nowadays to our drinking supply. Although this would not be the case decades ago but it may also be possible that it’s just now that those affected are being heard. Still, the government is having a hard time with strict implementations because huge businesses are involved and laws are not yet fully defined to be applicable for new industrial processes.

The only temporary way to protect ourselves immediately is to be careful with what we eat and drink. The water filter industry for households was born due to that need of having access to safe drinking water at home. Of course, having an alternative solution at home doesn’t mean that violators could go ahead and pollute our water source. At least while the government takes its sweet time to find a way to track down and impose sanctions on violators, we have an option to protect our families.

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Yes, I found the answer to taking better care of my family’s health. I know you too, will be happy with what I found: the Contamin-Eater Whole House water filtration system by Selecto, Inc., the industry leader in commercial filtration innovationand made right here in the USA. Now they’re available for your home right here at ezclearwater!

Donna Hoffman is the owner of http://www.ezClearwater.com , provider of the highest quality, earth-friendly water purification products for home, office, pool and spa. Our goal is to share products that are “Good to You and Mother Earth Too.”

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Drinking Fluoride Water: Good or Bad?

Drinking Fluoride Water: Good or Bad?

Most everyone is aware that our public water systems include fluoride that is added to the water. The reason for the addition is to help prevent tooth decay; this is good right? The answer to this depends on the source of the fluoride as well as the levels that are added. Current common fluoride levels are on the high side which can have the opposite effect on teeth as well as presenting other health hazards.

According to the WHO, World Health Organization, lower levels than what are currently in our public water systems have been linked to bon cancer in younger boys as well as approximately 10,000 cancer deaths each year. The largest problem with the fluoride that is added to our water is not just in the levels but also in the source; most fluoride used for public utilities are actually a waste product.

Calcium fluoride is the natural fluoride source that can be added to water for beneficial properties. The fluoride in our public utilities drinking water is silico which is from sodium based fertilizer or by-product from the aluminum industry; both of which are about 80% toxic. The public utilities go for the affordable means of getting by.

With fluoride compounds in public utilities at higher levels than what is safe combined with the toxic source of fluoride itself and the thousands of toxic chemicals and additives that are in our public water system it is imperative to homes to use quality water filters. A high quality system such as a whole house water filtration system can purify all the water that comes into the home including a water filter to remove fluoride.

In addition to the risk of the fluoride that is in our water, some packaged foods and most tooth paste also contains fluoride. Adding fluoride to the water system is outdated and unnecessary today. With all the fluoride added we are becoming overloaded and this has serious potential long term health consequences. Installing under sink water filters can protect us from the fluoride as well as the other contaminates and toxins in our water.

A Water filter to remove fluoride is as important as a water filter to remove lead or a water filter to remove arsenic. These are all toxins that can create much damage to our bodies from our drinking water as well as the water we are exposed to in our shower and bath. Fluoride has been linked with Alzheimer’s disease as well as aluminum has been. Using a sodium fluoride from the by product of the aluminum industry increases those risks. Additionally, lower IQ scores and an increase in cancer are being linked to the fluoride and contaminates in our water systems.

Whole house water filtration with a multi-level filtering process results in your entire home being protected from the massive number of toxins and contaminates in our water. The toxins that are absorbed through our children’s skin in the baths are just as dangerous as contaminates they may drink. Even the best drinking water filters will not protect them in the bath. It is up to each individual to protect our homes from the toxins that are introduced into it. Water filtration is one very important step.


These days water contaminants are the kind you can’t see – toxic chemicals causing cancer, birth defects, infertility, and more. I’m relieved to know I’m now protecting my family’s health because we use state-of-the-art water filtration by Selecto Inc., made right here in the USA. Selecto has been innovating for commercial customers for 25 years. Now these superior filtration systems are available for home and office use through ezclearwater!

Donna Hoffman is the owner of http://www.ezClearwater.com , provider of the highest quality, earth-friendly water purification products for home, office, pool and spa. Our goal is to share products that are “Good to You and Mother Earth Too.”

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