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Reverse Osmosis For Your Home is Expensive

Reverse Osmosis systems are known to be used best for desalinating water. It is a trusted process employed by a lot of industries to treat their cooling systems. Since the advent of home based filters, the reverse osmosis system had also been used to filter water even for our drinking consumption.

The process of reverse osmosis is pretty simple. A semi permeable membrane acts as a filter to choose only what type of substance it would let pass through and water is constantly forced through it by pumps. Bacteria and other contaminants are left out and only clean water is allowed to pass. Anything the semi permeable membrane would reject would be discarded as waste water.

Osmosis was likened to it as reversed because in natural osmosis the less salty water separated by a semi permeable membrane is pushed by the osmotic pressure to go to the saltier water to attempt to even out their concentrations.

This osmotic force is duplicated by pumps and instead of less concentration to more concentration; the reverse osmosis does it the other way. The more concentrated water is assumed to be the untreated or contaminated water and pushed to the semi permeable membrane to become less concentrated or free of impurities.

The process of reverse osmosis is efficient and effective if the natural way of the process is duplicated to perfection.

This is where the problem arises. All the process involved with reverse osmosis including the electric pumps and constant flowing untreated water requires power and resources. The artificial semi permeable membrane needs to be replaced on regular basis. The filtering capability is only as good as how the semi permeable membrane was made for. In many cases, reverse osmosis would even block out healthy minerals needed by our bodies.

Reverse osmosis also wastes water. On the average, only about 15%-25% of the processed water could be consumed. The remaining are discarded as waste water.

Your house pipelines could also be compromised. Since reverse osmosis produces acidic water and acid eats up metal, it may aid in pipeline corrosion.

After considering the inefficiency in operating power, the water wastage, the expensive maintenance, tasteless water stripped of all minerals, and the disintegration of your house pipeline structure, one should have careful consideration before using reverse osmosis as a house filter.


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