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Is Your Water Cooler Safe To Use?

First, we gotta know what is water cooler to insure we are all on the same page.

What is a water cooler?

Let’s determine that a water cooler is a device that dispenses cooled drinking water. Usually, it said to be broken into two categories: the one that doesn’t require a bottle and one that requires bottle.  Bottle-less are directly hooked up in the water supply while the other one is a free standing dispenser where the water container is tipped upside down. The dispenser comes in different sizes and the bottle size conforms to the size of  the machine.

 Bottleless water coolers are not usually filtered!

Would you think that a water cooler that is directly hooked up in the water supply of the building and the supply of water comes directly from tap water,  would you think it is safe to drink it?  Well, we all know for a fact that tap water is contaminated with lots of pollutants and unwanted substances unfit to be consumed.  And if the device usually dispense water directly from municipal water supply without the aid of a filtration system, then this means you are drinking water with contaminants, pollutants and harmful organisms. Your health then would be at risk right?

 Just because it is bottled doesn’t mean it is safe!

The other kind of water cooler is the one that requires bottled water which is tipped upside down into a dispenser. The bottled water may be delivered by suppliers right into your office, building or house. But you must also remember that bottled water is no less than tap water put into a container. So there’s no difference with that of the one directly installed water cooler.

 But there are filters created for such cause too. It is a simple gravity fed filter offered by EZCLEARWATER. PureCool is a device intended to filter water for water cooler. It was designed fit and can be easily installed!

What are PureCools made of?

Inside the light plastic housing is a pre filter, a layer of Ceramic Matrix Filtration Media and a layer of Hollow Carbon Filtration Media.  These combined features were to provide you with water from water cooler which is far safer, delicious and sparkling clean. Not only that, you could fill your bottle directly with tap water since you will be confident the PureCool will do its job:to filter water.  This also mean, less cost with your water consumption.  How?  You save money already by not buying bottled water to put into your water cooler.

Is your filter good for the enviornment?

You also became a friend of the ecosystem.  How’s that?  Well, bottle containers are not recyclable and there would be less fuel burned in delivering bottled water in your place.  The plastic housing of PureCool is recyclable. The Ceramic Medizand Hollow Carbon are elements of the Earth, that’s why they can go back to it harmlessly. PureCool’s durable construction makes it a perfect for traveling…no complicated system, no installation required. Very convenient.

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