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BPA scare on metal bottles? Anything else?

BPA scare on metal bottles? Anything else?

While ongoing research tries to address the BPA problem on our plastic drinking bottles, metal bottles are the viable safer alternative. But are they? Sigg, a renowned Swiss manufacturer of aluminum bottles recently announced(link) that they are replacing the epoxy lining they’ve used for the longest time on their aluminum bottles due to trace amounts of BPA. The company had made this public a few years back and had always maintained that there was no evidence of BPA migration or leaching on any of their bottles. But since trace amounts of BPA are still present anyhow, they came up with a new powder based, co-polyester coating. The new epoxy lining, which they named “EcoCare lining”, is believed to be 100% BPA free.

The fight against BPA may be far from over with just metal EcoCare lined bottles. The American diet consists of 17% canned food products according to the FDA. Unlike large companies similar to Sigg, a lot of them don’t have enough R&D capabilities to check if their tin can linings are BPA leaching free. A research recently conducted on different canned products found a significant percentage having traces of BPA.What about those dinner plate linings? Microwave re-heat plastics? Plastic baby toys? You name it. As long as there are still conflicting acceptable BPA standards, we may still have to wait until someone smart enough would come up with something to straighten things out with this BPA scare.


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