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Water Purification of Municipal Water Treatment Plants

Water purification is the process of filtering those undesirable compounds, materials, substances, chemicals and biological contaminants from water.  Water is purified more specifically for human consumption  though it may be designed for other reasons such as to meet requirements for industrial and chemical applications, medical and pharmacology purposes or other reasons.

To begin the purification process is through water pre treatment, followed by PH adjustment of the water then the flocculation  followed by the process of sedimentation then by filtration. The last one is the disinfection which is accomplished by filtering harmful microorganisms like chlorine. Note: Some may not be used depending on plant scale and water quality.

Water Purification by municipal water treatment plants uses chemicals to disinfect water. They use either chlorine or chloramines or other like fluoride in dealing with microbes or further making your teeth stronger. Since they try to minimize the cost of treating water, they resort to less expensive processes. Since chlorine, chloramines or fluoride are less expensive, it is widely used.

Chlorination and fluoridation of water have become a great issue as fluoridation poses a threat to human health. And though some municipal water treatment facilities have used chloramines instead of chlorine, it’s still another issue because it’s not safer to use, just less expensive.

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