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How about a Water Purification System Right into your own House?

Don’t you know that filtering the water that comes right into your house could not only provide you with safe, clean and healthy water, but could also make your water heater and other water appliances last up to 50% longer?

The chemicals that are removed by a water filtration system could also make your skin and hair more healthier and softer.  Besides of course the fact that you will no longer be inhaling the toxic gases right into your lungs and prevent it from being absorbed into your skin.  How is that idea giving of knowing what is going in and in your body sitting with you right now?

Exposure to contaminants like never before!

You are exposed to threat when you are drinking water which is contaminated with lots of toxic and carcinogenic substances. You are also exposed to it when you use it for cooking your food.  But do you know that you are more exposed to it during bathing or taking a shower?  Because when you are taking shower, you inhale the toxic gases; the contaminants are also absorbed by your skin which means you are put yourself into danger.

Benefits of whole house water filtration system!

When you have your own water purification system into your own house, every drop of water that comes out into your tap, shower or fills your swimming pool or aquarium is sure to provide you with cleaner and safer water. So install one, why not?

I know you have to consider the cost of installing one right into your house and the maintenance of it. You have to hire a plumber to replace the cartridge which means additional cost or you still need tools to replace the cartridge.

But wait a minute, put into consideration the filters that are being offered by EZCLEARWATER.

Don’t worry, they only offer those that are guaranteed not only to give you a better quality of water, but also is user friendly and environmentally safe.  And… the five year average cost is 1 Penny per gallon which means it meets your cost requirement.

Pre filter would only mean additional cost and NANO FILTRATION & SALT FREE WATER SOFTENER offered by EZCLEARWATER is so powerful that it works on almost any water source. Hardly ever that customer of EZCLEARWATER uses a pre filter.

With the Sanitary Quick Change Cartridge, you won’t be needing tools to replace your cartridge and no backwashing either. The water purification system EZCLEARWATER offers not only remove chlorines and sediments but also chloramines, cysts, total organic compounds, tannins, Trihalomethane (THMs), VOCs. NANO FILTRATION & SALT FREE WATER SOFTENER is tested and certified NSF 42 and NSF5 53.

Want another proof that is better than any other water purification system? It is also used by the largest beverage producers in the world; Coca Cola and Pepsi.

So what are you waiting for? You know your family deserves the best. Check our home page to see which products would work best for you!

Still not convinced? Contact us and we are happy to send you more info. Simply fill in your name and email address on the right and we will keep you up to date on what is happening to your water and other tips/recomendations for you to keep your family healthy.

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February 22, 2010 at 8:02 am
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