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Why You Need A Water Filter When You Travel!

You often go to different places either to spend your vacation, visit a friend or relative, go hiking, camping or picnic. Sometimes you also have to travel to attend meetings, conferences, participate in a school activity at a nearby city or whatever.  Whatever might be the reason of your travel, you must prepare yourself and bring with you important things you need to protect yourself from anything.

 How would you protect yourself from being exposed to risks largely related to water?  What pre-emptive measure should you make?  Be cautious, you must not depend on bottled water alone since it is no more than a tap water put in a bottle.  Laboratories who have conducted examination on both tap water and bottled water concluded that they are just the same.  So, if tap water is considered unsafe to use due to the presence of contaminants, pollutants, harmful substances and compounds, plus, of course, the environment problem brought about by the disposal of plastic gallons or plastic bottles.

The best option is to bring your own water filter!

There are portable water filters. Something that you could carry with you as you go to different places. Don’t worry too much!!!! It’s handy. And there’s the ceramic water filter. It’s recyclable. Unlike plastic gallons or plastic bottles, ceramic is an element of the earth so it could get back to the Earth without harming it.

One more thing why you need water when you travel is the presence of chloramines, chlorine, lead and other harmful elements in the water. You would need a filter that would be able to remove all these unwanted compounds from water to make safer for you to use.

So why do you need a water filter when you travel?  For you to have a safer and cleaner water to use wherever you maybe.

So what are you waiting for? You know your family deserves the best. Check our home page to see which products would work best for you!

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January 27, 2010 at 9:37 am
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