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UN Climate Conclusion? A Billion People’s Water at Risk From Melting Ice!

ice_breaks_10Climate guru Al Gore warned UN climate talks Monday that record melting of Polar and Himalayan ice could deprive deprive more than a billion people’s access to clean water.

At UN climate talks Monday, he warned that record melting of Polar and Himalayan ice could deprive deprive more than a billion people of access to clean water.

Adding to an avalanche of bad scientific news over the last two years, the former US vice president cited new research showing that the Arctic ice cap may have shrunk to record-low levels last year.


What does this mean to you and me?

At the very least, it means less water. And that is not a good thing!  Less water means it is likely that more water will have more contaminants in them.  Yet, just another reason that we should be looking at ways not only to protect our water supply, but also to insure that the water we drink and bathe with is good enough to go in and on our bodies.  A quality whole house water filtration system is one way to insure your family has a water supply it can trust.

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December 18, 2009 at 7:40 am
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