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Another Report Showing Your Water Supply Is Not Safe!

EPA officcials have been questioned about their ability to insure that the public has safe drinking water.  Not a surprise really, but something that is starting to get more and more people’s attention.  The EPA is promising tougher enforcement, but what is the average person at home to do?

Some are taking the approach that tap water may be good enough for dishes and washing clothes, but aresenic levels in the water preclude them from drinking or bathing in it.

Contact your local water authority and see the report that they have to file each year to see what is in your water supply.

If you are concerned as I am about healthy drinking water, then perhaps you should consider a water filter that is going to eliminate that out of it.

See what CNN reported on Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

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December 11, 2009 at 8:30 am
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