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Dr. Oz Talks About Chlorine In Your Shower!

If you have read any of the articles that I have posted on chlorine and chloramine in your water, you know what I think.

Hear’s what Dr. Oz says about removing chlorine from your shower.  Sorry!  I like you Dr. Oz, but you’re completely wrong on this one.  A little chunk of carbon in your shower head is NOT going to remove the chlorine, much less chloramine from HOT water!

Dr. Oz is right about the chemicals being really harsh on your hair.  They’re harsh on your skin too – especailly the skin of our soft, sweet children.  But the only effective way to prevent them from reaching the bath and shower water is to install a whole house water filter that filters the COLD water before it enters your water heater.  And you must use a water filter that is tested and approved to remove both chlorine and choramine if you live in a city now using mostly chloramine to disinfect the water, because part of the year they will switch to chlorine.

The whole house filters at http://www.ezClearwater.com do indeed remove both chorine and chloramine and WILL save your hair and skin from the horrid, drying effects of water disinfection chemicals.  Come on by and visit!

Donna Hoffman is the owner of http://www.ezClearwater.com , provider of the highest quality, earth-friendly water purification products for home, office, pool and spa. Our goal is to share products that are “Good to You and Mother Earth Too.”

October 28, 2009 at 6:22 am
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