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EPA Couldn’t Prove Contamination Yet Due to “Trade Secrets”….

EPA Couldn’t Prove Contamination Yet Due to “Trade Secrets”….

Residents of Pavillion, a ranching town in Wyoming, are having a hard time trying to determine if their drinking water is safe or not. EnCana a Canadian drilling company is currently on the hot seat of debates whether they have caused the adamantanes and 2-BE contamination based on the initial EPA findings. The company maintains that it is almost virtually impossible that their “hydraulic fracturing” fluids would reach the aquifers and contaminate ground water. This would have been resolved in a much faster pace if not for the fact that the EPA had no idea what exactly they’re looking for. The chemicals and other industrial compounds used for the hydraulic fracturing are protected trade secrets. Residents are furious especially because some complaints date back 15 years. Although the company expressed willingness to provide the EPA a list of chemicals used, it may just be a start of a long and tedious process which may involve some policy changes. A good thing to note is that somehow were making progress.

If these would indeed turn up something, then the hydraulic fracturing process which was first used back in 1903 may need some form of upgrade. Further government funded research is badly needed. This is also similarly beneficial for oil well drilling companies on the possibility that the process in question may not have anything to do with the contamination. It may be a long shot to get a concrete solution about this issue immediately but as water contamination is a global concern, technologies like filters and water treatments may be the only things that could come handy these days.


Read more: http://www.propublica.org/feature/epa-chemicals-found-in-wyo.-drinking-water-might-be-from-fracking-825


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September 18, 2009 at 11:13 pm
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