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Chloramines Used in City Water

Chloramines Used in City Water

Chloramines are chemical compounds used as a disinfectant in water and is becoming widely used instead of chlorination to treat public water systems. Chloramine is created by combining chlorine and ammonia. Although chloramines do not dissipate before reaching the customer the way that chlorine can, it often converts organic materials commonly found into carcinogenic compounds. Fortunately, chloramines can be removed from your showers and taps through the use of a quality filter.

Chloramines are used for public water systems, not because they are better than the formerly used chlorine, but because it is easy to make and less expensive. The EPA estimates that within the next few years 90% of public water utilities nation wide will use chloramines; despite the lack of studies for human effects. Besides the tendency to become carcinogenic and contributing to cancer with sustained exposure, there are a number of other adverse reactions to chloramines reported. Purchasing a filter that will protect your family from chloramines will be a necessity if the EPA is not stopped from going forward with this project.

House water filters will protect you and your family from the adverse reactions that can be caused from prolonged exposure to not only chloramines, but also arsenic, lead and fluoride. Protecting your family from reactions such as: rashes, severe dry skin, welts and blisters as well as respiratory problems and cancer can be as simple as installing house water filters.

Under the sink filters or whole house purification systems for the h2o you drink, are essential today to protect us from the contaminates that come out of your faucet or shower. And don’t feel that you are safer when you buy it from the store by the bottle. Even purchased bottled water has concerns with contamination and the impact of the abundance of discarded bottles on the environment.

Having a filtration system is important for your family’s health. A level of important protection is gained from these types of filters (such as under the sink or whole house systems) so that we do not ingest the harmful contaminates. Keep in mind that exposure to these contaminants can create just as severe problems as ingesting them.

Our skin absorbs everything in the air as well as everything that we come in contact with. People are now becoming aware of what they are exposed to and are choosing organic cotton clothing, all natural detergents for their clothes and all natural skin care products to avoid exposure to the massive number of contaminates, carcinogens and chemicals used today. Protecting yourself in this way is a wonderful way to keep a healthy body, but are we safe in our own shower? Chances are, unless you have a tested and pure well water system (rare today) or unless you have a whole house filtration system installed in your home you are not.

Whole house water filters can protect you from: chlorine, chloramines, lead, sediment, foul taste or odors, ammonia, hydrogen sulfite, as well as a host of other contaminates both chemical and organic. These filter systems are different from the under the sink filters that cannot protect you in the shower. The whole house filter system hooks up to the water inlet to your home so that everything you use from the public utilities company is filtered and you are protected.

The simple truth is, we cannot fully know what is in our public water and the public utilities do not have to disclose everything in a way that we are fully aware. Simply filtering your water can give you the security you desire when drinking, watching your children play in the tub or taking a shower yourself. So give yourself the protection you need by installing a whole house water filtration system.



These days water contaminants are the kind you can’t see – toxic chemicals causing cancer, birth defects, infertility, and more. I’m relieved to know I’m now protecting my family’s health because we use state-of-the-art water filtration by Selecto Inc., made right here in the USA. Selecto has been innovating for commercial customers for 25 years. Now these superior filtration systems are available for home and office use through ezclearwater!

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