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How do you know when you're choosing the Best?

What do Coca~Cola and Pepsi Know that You Should Know?

Companies like Coke and Pepsi need their product to taste the same if you buy one in London, or in Atlanta, or in Buenos Aries.  Think about it.  They have absolute control over every single ingredient in their products except the water!  Water is different everywhere they go.  And everywhere they go the products they produce must be consistently safe and great tasting.  And that's why they choose Selecto for all their filtration needs!  Selecto filters are certified to reduce not only chlorine, but chloramines, chlorination byproducts, sediment, cysts, bad tastes and odors, and all kinds of other dangerous chemicals.  Water filtered by Selecto's Hollow Carbon technology is water you can trust!

Selecto Scientific is the Industry Leader in the Science of Filtration

Selecto Scientific, Inc has been in the commercial filtration business for a quarter century providing restaurant chains and beverage producers with the latest innovations in filtration technology.  Selecto is the only company in the industry with the expertise to develop their own filtration media, and currently holds 17 patents (plus several patents pending) for water filtration systems and water treatment media.  Selecto's research and development focuses on current and future water contamination issues; and they have a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to developing technologically advanced products to improve our quality of life.  An experienced team of scientists and engineers analyze and develop unique and technologically advanced products to meet both the currant and future needs of our customers.  In addition to water purification, Selecto has decades of success providing innovative filtration for pharma, bio tech, cosmetic, fuel cell, and chemical industry solutions.  Now we are proud to offer the Industry's Best to our residential customers!

Water Filtration / Nano-Technology Genius, Member of the Water Quality Association, Selecto's Director of Research and Development and Quality Control, and all-round great guy, Dr. Cang Li

Selecto's Water Filtration systems are assembled and inspected by trained technician, not on an assembly line.  Each step in the assembly of your water filter is done by hand and documented.

Are you impressed by the slick websites and shiny filter cartridges?  Selecto invests in your water quality instead of marketing glitz.  When you do your research, you find Selecto leads the industry.

Many people spend literally thousands of dollars on "water filters" that are no more than water softeners (conditioners) dumping salt into their water.  They don't remove chlorine, chloramine, disinfection byproducts, VOCs, or many other dangerous contaminants!  They also have a very negative environmental impact due to the backwash of salt into the environment.  If hard water is a problem for you, you can install a green sand filter ahead of our Contamin-Eater to make your home as happy as you are!


Selecto water filter superiority is largely due to their patented Hollow Carbon Technology.  It's just plain BETTER than the activated carbon and carbon block used in other water filters.   Take a look.

  Selecto's SMF System removes over 99% of water contaminants.
  Only system that provides high capacity (50,000-300,000 gallons) chlorine and/or chloramine removal.
  Provides high flow rates with nearly zero pressure drop.  Competitive brands drop 8 - 10 psi.
  Lasts about 10 times longer than traditional carbon filters.
  Efficient media means a smaller size filter.  Easily fits into a crawl space or laundry room wall.  No need for a tank the size of a man!
  Tested in accordance with NSF standards  42 & 53
  Comes with a 100% performance guarantee!


  So ez to install many people can do it themselves
  Modular design makes this the most adaptable filter choice.  Every filter head fits onto every cartridge size (10', 14" or 20") so as your needs change, the size cartridge you choose can change.  You can even reduce the number of filter heads you use.
  Sanitary Quick Change cartridge means no messing in toxic media or service calls to make.
  Cartridge changes are so ez it doesn't even require tools!

Tested, Approved

Contamin-Eater Whole House Water Filters and Legacy Point-of-Use Water Filters by Selecto are commercial quality, serious filtration systems.  They're not shiny, and this isn't the slickest web site you'll ever see, with the prettiest graphics (though we do try, and most people love our bubbles!) Our customers are the ones who do their research. They really care about the Health of their family, protecting their investment in their home and appliances, and are determined to find the best quality available.

* The Commercial "SMF IC" Series is the same as the Residential Contamin-Eater Series.
* The Commercial "QC" series is the same as the Legacy Residential Series.

Selecto is not some off-shore sweat shop pounding out product.  They're right here in Georgia, USA, and they're not only a manufacturing facility - they're a scientific laboratory - constantly testing and innovating. 

Made right here in the USA!

Both ezClearWater.com and Selecto Scientific, Inc. are located just north of Atlanta Georgia.  You help keep and create jobs right here where we need them!

Good People!  Great Customer Service!

Yes.  Isn't it more fun to give your hard-earned money to good people?  I think so!  Selecto is a great company with very loyal employees - some of whom commute crazy distances to get to work because they love working at Selecto.  Selecto is great to their people, great to their customers, and they're great to ezClearWater.com too!

And speaking of good people, I'm "good people" too ~ if I don't say so myself.  ezClearWater.com  is my home-based, mom-owned business, and my "other baby."  I love this business and very much enjoy helping people find the right solutions for their pure water needs.  I also love turning customers into friends...

and taking care
of her!


Pictures by Joan Struck Photography