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by Selecto
Made in the USA!

99% Chemical Free Water!

Standards 42 for both chlorine and chloramine and much more!
Standard 53
for cysts & VOCs including carcinogenic chlorination byproducts & more.

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Contamin-Eater Whole House Water Filtration Systems shipped in the US


Commercial Quality Filtration for Your Home!Whole House Water Filter less than 1 cent per gallon
Use the same water filters
Coca~Cola & Pepsi  use worldwide ~
All for less than a penny per gallon!

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When it comes to Water Purification Systems, One Size DOES NOT Fit All We give you the information you need to make the smart choice, and if you need help, just give us a call!  No pushy salesmen - just information.

Never use any brand of Water Filter far beyond 12 Months without changing the cartridge.  Bacteria will grow inside the cartridge and make your water unsafe.  Our Hollow Carbon media prevents bacterial growth for at least a year.

When choosing the right water filtration system  you need  to know:
First: Is your water disinfected with Chlorine?  or Chloramine (also known as Combined Chlorine - a combination of 80% Chlorine and 20% Ammonia)?  If you don't know, call your water department and ask or look up your Water Quality Report. (They are usually online.)  The answer is important because chloramine uses up any brand of filtration media far more rapidly than does chlorine. This fact very much affects which size filter is right for your needs.

What is your annual water usage?  The average family uses 18,000 to 25,000 gallons per person per year - some of which is unfiltered outside usage. Please CALL US if you need help! 770-532-4743

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Flow Rate: 7- 8 GPM
Good for Homes
up to 2400 square feet
Up to 3 baths
1 - 3 people
( 3 sizes available)
(Available with or without Fluoride Reduction Cartridge)

Contamin-Eater 714 Whole House Water Filtration System

Option: Reduce Fluoride in your Whole House!

Flow Rate >10 GPM
Good for Homes
larger than 2400 square feet
 3 or more baths
 4 or more people
(3 sizes available)

Contamin-Eater 714-2 Whole House Water Filtration System

Flow Rate: > 15 GPM

Good for Homes
over 4500 square feet
4 or more baths
large family or group home

SMF IC 620-3

Contamin-Eater 720-3 Whole House Water Filtration System by Selecto

      The Perfect Fast, Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation Filters!
The Top Reasons to Choose The Contamin-Eater for Your Water Purification needs:

Easy & Simple installation with no electricity or backwashing required!
By far the Best Chloramine Reduction filtration media
IMPORTANT: Most whole house filters ONLY reduce sediment and chlorine. The Contamin-Eater removes the carcinogenic chlorination byproducts and other chemicals that harm your health, plumbing,& appliances.
Unlike KDF, our Hollow Carbon removes BOTH chlorine and Chloramine.
Best purification at High Flow Rates
Virtually no pressure drop.
Rarely requires a pre-filter (Houston & Boston are exceptions)
Easily fits into a crawl space
Made in the USA!
Customer Service in the USA!

Selecto Filtration Systems are Tested & Approved in accordance with Standards 42 & 53 by either the NSF or by a 3rd Party testing laboratory.  Selecto Documentation
Contamin-Eater Residential series is the counterpart to the SMF IC series.

Standard 42 for Taste: Chlorine, Chloramine, sediment, bad tastes & odors: (ammonia, hydrogen sulfate, metallic tastes)  Particulate Class I

Standard 53 for Health: Cysts: (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba, and Toxoplasma), MTBE, *VOCs including (T)THMs, Organics, Tannins.

Both ezClearWater.com and Selecto sincerely care about our shared environment.  Every part of our filters and packing materials are made of recyclable materials.  Just one more reason our products are...

Good for You and Mother Earth Too!©

Healthy Living Means Using a Whole House Water Filter!
waterdrop_bullet According to a new report by the cancer panel:  “Only a few hundred of the more than 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States have been tested for safety.  Many known or suspected carcinogens are completely unregulated.” Removing chlorine makes your water taste better, but does nothing to protect you from the real dangers to your health - chlorination and chloramination byproducts.  That's why The Contamin-Eater is your best choice!
Filtering the water coming into your house makes your water heater and other water-using appliances last up to 50% longer, especially if your water is disinfected with Chloramine, which corrodes rubber gaskets and even stainless steel!
waterdrop_bullet Removing chemicals from your bath and shower makes your skin and hair softer and healthier and prevents you from inhaling toxic gasses and absorbing them through your skin. 
waterdrop_bullet People with asthma or emphysema will feel such relief when they no longer have to breathe those gases! (No shower filters remove Chloramines or byproducts.)
Water Softeners/Conditioners DO NOT  remove most dangerous contaminants.
KDF 55 Media DOES NOT remove Chloramine.

What does Modular Construction mean for You?
Modular Contruction of our Contamin-Eater Whole House Filtration Systems makes installation and upgrades EZ and saves money
First, Modular Construction means faster, easier initial installation, saving you time and money.  Installation is usually only $130-$350 plus fittings, though many people can do it themselves.
Second, Modular Construction means your needs can change without having to buy a new Whole House Water Filter!  Did the kids move back in and you need a higher flow rate?  Just add another filter to the system you already have!  Did your cartridge last less than a year?  Simply purchase a longer cartridge the next time.  Did you decide you want the fluoride out of your water after all?  Any double cartridge water filter can have Selecto's ABA2000 media added to reduce fluoride (though a little reconfiguration is necessary).  Selecto offers singe or double head filters with 10", 14" and 20" Filter Cartridges, as well as triple filter systems, so we can scale a system to meet YOUR needs!
Learn more about the SMF Filter Advantages

There's nothing like the Contamin-Eater! Before you buy another brand, find out:

waterdrop_bullet Is the manufacturer of the filter listed with the NSF HERE? And is the FILTER tested to the standards set by the NSF to perform for the duration claimed and to remove the contaminants claimed? Many filters on the market use MEDIA (example: carbon block) that is certified for use in water filtration to remove certain contaminants.  That alone gives you absolutely no idea how much of that media is in the filter and how long or how well  the filter will perform. 
waterdrop_bullet Does the other filter you're considering require a pre-filter?  If so, how often do you have to replace the pre-filter cartridge, requiring extra time and money?  Rarely do our customers need a Pre-Filter.
waterdrop_bullet Can you replace the cartridge without tools or backwashing? Or is replacement an ordeal?  With our Sanitary Quick Change Cartridge, replace ours in just a couple of minutes with NO TOOLS NECESSARY!
waterdrop_bullet What needs replacing? Do you change cartridges? Or do you have to mess with toxin-filled media? Our Sanitary Quick Change Cartridges do not expose you to accumulated toxins.
waterdrop_bullet Does the filter remove more than Chlorine and/or sediment? What about Chloramine? Cysts? Total Organic Compounds? Tannins?   Trihalomethanes (THMs or TTHMs)? VOCs? Most Whole House Water Filters are only tested or certified for Standard 42: Chlorine & sediment if actually tested at all.  Their "Capacity" (number of gallons filtered) only applies if your water is disinfected with simple chlorine.
waterdrop_bullet Does the filter use old-fashioned, less effective carbon block? Coconut shell?  Our Patented Hollow Carbon media absorbs 30 times more Chloramine than traditional carbon block!
waterdrop_bullet Do they claim a 3-10 year capacity?  No filter can stay sanitary for that long!  Absolutely none. It's best to size your filter to about a year to fifteen months of use before cartridge change, and have filtration media that kills bacteria for that long.  We do. Years of using the same cartridge/media will guarantee you have a "bacteria farm" for your water to run through before it reaches you!

Made in the USA  No boat loads from China. No child labor. No cheap components!  YourContamin-Eater Whole House Filters are 100 percent guaranteed Contamin-Eater Whole House Water Filter will be built for you in the USA.  Each component is inspected and assembled by hand by skilled technicians who care about your Water Quality and Product Satisfaction.  We stock all the Whole House Water Filter systems and ship the same or next day, but sometimes due to high volume we run out before our next reorder comes in.  If this happens, please allow up to 2 weeks production time plus delivery time (though it usually arrives much faster!.  The rare wait will be worth it!

If you need help choosing, try our "Choosing the Right Filter" page, call us (770-532-4743 or 678-936-1274) for help, or email your information. We love talking with you!

Buy with Confidence!

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