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PureCool Water Filter for Water Coolers or Crocks.

Water Cooler/Crock Water Filter: PureCool gives you great tasting Drinking Water for 90% less than the costs of Bottled Water!PureCool™ is a simple gravity fed water bottle filter.  Inside the light plastic housing is a pre-filter, then a layer of Ceramic Matrix Filtration Media, then a layer of Hollow Carbon filtration media - a new technology.  These Features combine to provide you with Bottled Water that's simple, inexpensive, Safe, Delicious and a major reduction in environmental impact!

Environmentally Friendly Product!

How to use PureCool
for Water Crock or Water Cooler

 PureCool Filter for Water Coolers and Crcocks
1  PureCool
$39.95 $29.95
140-300 gallons

Buy 2 PureCool Water Cooler/Crock  Filters
2  PureCool $79.90
$49.90  ($24.95 ea.)
280-600 gallons

Discount on 6 PureCool Water Cooler/Crock Filters
6  PureCool $239.70
$ 143.70 ($23.95 ea.)

Buy a Case of 12 PureCool Water Cooler/Crock Water Fitlers
Case of 12 PureCools
$ 479.40
$ 270.00 ($22.50 ea.)

Cases available in White or Black

Before buying  PureCool to use on a Water Cooler, please read the sizing requirements:  Size is rarely an issue, but please check to be sure.

1- PureCool works perfectly with any standard ceramic water crock.

2-PureCool fits these coolers just as it is:
Any cooler with the opening above the reservoir of 4 5/8 - 6-1/4"  Oasis, Crystal Mtn, Whirlpool, Water-Boy, Sunroc, Greenway, Sunbeam, most Brita coolers, and older models of GE and Elkay coolers.

3- Coolers that require our adapter ring: Any cooler with the opening above the reservoir larger than 6-1/4"  Older models of Oasis and Whirlpool, new GE Profile. Adapter ring works with openings up to 7 1/8" wide.

4- Make sure the opening above the reservoir of your water cooler is at least 4 5/8" wide. The PureCool is 4 1/2" at the bottom. (We just found a customer with an older Avanti cooler with a reservoir only 4" wide.)

Please measure the opening of your cooler before ordering.  If you need the adapter ring, ask for one on your first order. Reuse for years.  You will be given the chance to order the ring during your order processing.  Under "Options" Click "Yes."

Formerly by NSF:
Table I Performance
Model PureCool Tested in Accordance With
ANSI/NSF Standard 42: Taste, Odor, Chlorine Reduction, Class1 Certified (>75%)
ANSI/NSF Standard 42: Particulate Reduction Class V (30-50 micron particulate)
NSF Standard 53 certified: Lead Reduction: 95% and other heavy metals
Chloramine Reduction: 98%

Reduces BPA

Table II Specifications
Filter Life: 140 gallons
Flow Rate: 1,000 cc per minute
Patent Registration: US#5,616,243

™   leaves in calcium, magnesium, and other healthy minerals!

Step 1
Fill Your water bottle with Tap Water. With our ez-Fill Kit it only takes a few seconds!EZ-Fil Kit Helps You Make Your Own Bottled Water FAST!


This is How to Use PureCool Water Filters for Coolers & Crocks

Step 3
Place your water bottle into the top of the PureCool water filter.

Step 2
Place your PureCool into the top of your water crock or
Water Cooler.

* Add an
ez-Fill Kit under "Options" when you purchase your PureCools and there will be no additional shipping costs.

Fresh Bottled Water You Made in Seconds!



Fresh, Great Tasting, Pure, Bottled Drinking Water you made yourself for pennies a gallon!

And you never even had to leave your kitchen.

* No need for extra bottles & bottle racks taking up all that space!

PureCool removes dangerous BPA that leaches from your polycarbonate (recycle # 7)  3 or 5-gallon water bottles into your Drinking Water!

Before buying  PureCool for use with a water cooler,  please read the size requirements in the column on the right.

Pure Cools are the absolute BEST!  We used to spend a fortune on bottled water.  Now we have clean, safe, great tasting water for so little money we give it to the dogs, water the plants with it - even fill the fish tank with it!  No more having all those big empty and full bottles lining my garage wall; just the same bottle on the crock all the time and we can never run out.  The ez-Fill Kit is pretty handy too! After getting the PureCool, Better Bottle and Fill Kit, I feel like we're getting FREE Bottled Water from now on. Love it!  Thanks for such  great  "people-friendly" and earth-friendly products!   ~ D. Bolt, Athens, GA

Is PureCool filtered water as good as bottled water?
You Bet!  Often better.  And here's a bonus you've probably never thought about...

Pure Cool filters Water and Air Simultaneously.  When water exits your bottle, air enters to displace it.  Airborne contaminants enter too, effecting the purity and taste of the water.  PureCool filters the air before it enters the bottle, and it filters the water as it exits.  That may not seem like a big deal, but think about it.  Do you really want “that guy’s” last cough being sucked into your drinking water and growing who-knows-what till tomorrow?

Most bottled water is delivered in polycarbonate bottles (recycle #7).  Polycarbonate uses BPA (bisphenol-A) in its production.  This chemical leaches from your water bottle into your drinking water and becomes a health concern.  (This is why we have been providing the PET Better Bottle to our customers from the beginning.)  PureCool filters out the BPAs.

So, PureCool is actually BETTER than most bottled water.

PureCool removes heavy metals (lead), chemicals (chlorine, chloramine), sediment, mold, algae, and bad taste and odors from the water.

       What’s left is great tasting water – fresh, clean, sparkling and healthy!

Most bottled water companies are doing no more than filtering water from their municipal water systems and re-selling to you at far greater costs.  If you read the fine print on the labels they actually admit this fact.  Regulations vary state to state.  Without research, it’s often hard to know exactly what you’re paying all that money for.  In fact, PureCool filters are manufactured by the same company that makes the filters used by some water bottling companies understandably charging far more!  Much of the cost of Bottled Water is the production of the bottle and the transportation costs.  With PureCool, you can save those costs!  Pure Cool filters are tested and NSF approved, so you know exactly what you’re getting while saving lots of cash!

The NSF Certified PureCool to filter 140 gallons of Tap Water.  These tests are done with a high level of contaminant and chloramine.  If you are using PureCool only to remove BPA from Bottled Water delivered in polycarbonate bottles or sediment from Spring water, each PureCool will last up to 300 gallons instead of the 140 gallons Certified by the NSF.  Filters also last up to 300 gallons if your water is disinfected with chlorine instead of chloramine because Chloramine uses up filtration media much faster than does Chlorine.

"Lab tests detected 38 chemicals in 10 brands of Bottled Water" Read more...

Can I recycle my PureCool?

Yes!  The plastic housing is recyclable.  The Ceramic Media and the Hollow Carbon are elements from the earth, going harmlessly back to the earth.  Recycling one PureCool filter is a far superior choice for the eco-minded than the alternative of disposing of 28 5-gallon plastic bottles or 530 1-liter plastic bottles.  PureCool is a great way to be more kind to the Planet without having to give up a thing!

Tap water filtered by PureCool, is the Win-Win Solution we’re all looking for!

Together we can make a difference!

Good for You and Mother Earth too!

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