Some of our Customers Just Had to Express Their Amazement and Appreciation for our Pool & Spa Products!

Testimonials like these are what motivated us to go into this business. We’re proud to offer products people love, that are Good for You and Mother Earth Too!

Recently I installed the NanoSTICK® in my personal swimming pool, and as you know my swimming pool is always immaculate and the water sparkling clear. I did not think I would be able to see any difference, but to my amazement the water had added clarity and there was a considerable reduction in the chlorine consumption.

I have always experienced algae growth under the ladder treads, but after using the NanoSTICK® the ladder treads remain free of algae without the need of brushing. My wife Ruth's comment to me was, "The pool looks so clear it is like swimming in bottled drinking water."

I have also installed the sticks in two additional pools, (one of which has always been a problem pool) and it both cases the same results were discovered.

I am looking forward to understanding some of the principals behind this application.
David Sikkelee, Jr.
Signature Pool & Patio, Inc.
Last week... it was recommended that we try the "NanoStick" to help improve our pools clarity.

I returned to Dollar Hill II HOA, Tahoe City and placed them in the pool around 4pm. When I checked the pool the next morning I can only say that I was so impressed. Our pool has always been clear, now with the "NanoStick" in our pool is pristine.
Tom Moore,
Dollar Hill Homeowners Association
Tom Sargente would rather let the picture speak for him.

Tom Sargente
I am amazed with the performance of the NanoSTICK for my Spa. I dreaded cleaning the tub at my nightly rental cabin, but now the water is so clear and there is no ring around the hot tub! The greatest part is the reduced maintenance and the savings on chemicals. Thank you for a product that lives up to it's claims!
Sandra Tanaka
Knoxville, TN
Rental Cabin Owner
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