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Tired of scrubbing your Spa?
Tired of mold and mildew on your Spa Cover?
Would you like to use fewer chemicals in your spa or pool?

NanoSTICK® for Pools & Spas

Safe, Non-chemical water clarifier
Utilizes light to reduce organics
No byproducts left in the water
Compatible with all sanitizers
No affect on pH
Lasts 4 to 6 months
No installation

NanoSPRAY® for Spa Covers

Easy to use
Completely safe
21st Century Patented Technology
Lasts 4-6 months
No installation


Pool Cleaning, Spa Cleaning: Kill organics on contact with no work or chemicals!.







*NanoSpray® for Spa Covers
*10" NanoStick® for Spas
*32" NanoStick® for Pools

10" NanoStick for Spas
  $   56.70
$   59.98
NanoSpray for Spa Covers
  $   22.62
$   25.98
Spa Combo: One 10" NanoStick and one NanoSpray              ***  Save $10 ***                                   
  $   74.32
$  75.96 
32" NanoStick for Pools
(1 per 10,000 gallons of water)
  $ 109.95
$ 109.98

The NanoTITANIUM®  within the ceramic media inside the NanoSTICK® is activated when it comes into contact with both light and water.  It stays active for 4-6 months.  Once activated, the NanoSTICK® continues doing it's job even if it is under a spa cover much of the time.  Each time the spa is uncovered, light "recharges" the STICK.

NanoSTICKs® do not add anything at all to the water.

The NanoSTICK® for Spas is designed for approximately 500 gallons of water. They are placed in the spa and left there for 4-6 months, depending on how much organic contaminant they come in contact with.  They are small, only 1˝" x 10," so are usually not noticed.  If having something in the hot tub or spa with you is a bother, you may remove it while you are in the spa and replace it when you get out.  The NanoStick® will Zap body oils, dead skin, and other organics in the water.  This greatly reduces your need to clean those organics from the spa after its use, making spa owners quite happy!

NanoSpray® for Spa Covers is used as a preventative, not a cure.  This means you must first clean and dry your spa cover, then apply the NanoSpray®.  The NanoTITANIUM® technology employed in the NanoSpray® will prohibit molds and mildew from growing on the spa cover for approximately 12 weeks before it needs to be re-applied.

We think you will find lots of other uses for this product!  Spraying Life-jackets before storage for the winter? Tents?  Boat covers?  Get creative and send us your success stories, or ways you tried NanoSpray that didn't work out the way you'd hoped. We'll post them on our Testimonials page.

One NanoSTICK® for Pools will work for approximately 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water and last from 4 to 6 months.  They are usually hung off the back side of the ladder, out of the way and unnoticed.  The children playing in our pool pay no attention to it at all.  NanoSTICKs® for Pools do not replace pool chemicals, but they do significantly reduced chemical consumption and make maintaining chemical balance easier.

NanoSTICKs® With Salt Chlorine Generators ~ If you have a salt chlorine generator you will also want to use a NanoSTICK® for a couple of reasons.  First, the NanoSTICK® will act as a chemical-free chlorine stabilizer because it Zaps organics on contact, reducing chlorine consumption.  In contrast, an overdose of chemical stabilizers will impair chlorine effectiveness and is difficult to remedy. Additionally, the organics killed by your chlorine remain in the water.  NanoSTICK® will Zap the live or dead organics, body oils, suntan oils, and sunscreen and they disappear - making your pool water sparkle!

NanoSTICKs® are also used in fountains and even ponds!  (See Testimonials Page) The size of stick you need (pool or spa size), or quantity of NanoSTICKs® depends on water volume.

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