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3 and 5 Gallon PET BPA Free Better Bottles for Water are SAFE

The Real, The Original, Better-Bottle! 
  Recycle #1!
   BPA-FREE, DEHP-FREE, Plasticizer-FREE!
  3 or 5 Gallon for water coolers or crocks

 Made in the USA! SAFE & Keeping Jobs Here.

Built the Strongest!  Lasts the Longest!
Reusable for years just like glass!

Oh my! Remember Erin Brockovich? During her investigation she learned PG&E had not only been exposing residents of Hinckley, California to highly toxic hexavalent chromium, but they had actually conducted meetings and mailed letters telling the residents the chemical was GOOD for them! Now we see the same kinds of claims online regarding Bispenol-A. Amazing! The plastics industry blogs the crazy claim that PET can only be used once, then must be throw away. How silly. When science doesn't support them, they just make something up! Consider the source when you read claims like these. Single serving bottles (like 16 oz. bottles of water) are made from PET because it's the safe plastic, not because they can only be used a single time.  Remember, hexavalent chromium isn't good for you, and neither is BPA - that is, unless you think male fish with eggs and frogs with 6 legs is a sign of good health!

PET - The SAFE Plastic!   Recycle #1  Environmentally Friendly!

* Others selling cheap PET bottles are ... selling cheap bottles.  They are made of inexpensive CSD (carbonate soda drink) PET resins.  These resins do not hold up, and the bottles will crack wide open when dropped.  You'll be filling the landfills, and back online spending more money.  Our bottles are twice the weight and many times sturdier.  Invest in the best!
*  If bottles are not Recycle #1 how do you know they're safe?
*  If bottles are not MADE IN THE USA, how do you know what's in the plastic?

Quality you can trust!

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BPA-Free 5 Gallon Better Bottle for Water are SAFE
One Free Cap per Bottle

5-Gallon "Better Bottle" PET Water Bottle fits Water Coolers or Water Crocks
Safe for you and the environment.  PET contains no BPAs to leach into your Drinking Water. They are recyclable and do not emit toxins into the environment if they are incinerated. Recycle #1
Better Bottles are quite stain resistant.
Light and Very Durable.

Polycarbonate bottles contain BPAs.  Polycarbonate has a recycle #7.



SKU 315

$ 26.95





Shipping weight:
 4 pounds

3 gallon BPA-Free Better Bottle for Water
One Free Cap per Bottle

3-Gallon "Better Bottle" PET Water Bottle fits Water Coolers or Water Crocks

About 17 pounds lighter when it's full of water!  BPA-Free PET is Safe for you and the environment!  Recycle #1.


SKU 313

$ 24.99

$ 23.99

TWO-Pack of PET 3-Gallon Better Bottle for Water
SAVE $2 on bottles and per bottle ship costs!

SKU 2-313
$ 49.98

$ 47.98

Lined Standard Caps for 3-5 gallon Water Bottles

Lined SafeGard NO-Splash Safety Caps for 3 or 5 Gallon Better Bottles:  Pack of 10

May be used for water coolers with spike in the center top or for water storage.

#10, 55mm.  Fits ALL standard water bottles

Not for use with PureCool Water Filters

SKU 311

$ 5.99

$ 4.99

Snap-On Handle for 3 or 5 gallon Better Bottles

to carry bottles "suitcase style" only


$ 9.99


Still only found at ezClearWater.com!

Use Our EZ-Fill Kit to Make Filling your Better Bottle so Quick and EZ!

In the shopping cart, add as an Option with your bottle purchase to get free shipping on the ez-Fill Kit.

ez-Fill Kit
NEW WIDER Water Thief to fit most any size faucet!

4' long Drinking Water Safe hose
Water Thief fits on any faucet without tools or mess.
Makes filling your bottle effortless!
Whether at home or in the office, simply place your water bottle on the countertop or floor in front of a sink or lavatory, Insert the hose into the bottle top, slide the Water Thief onto the faucet, and fill in moments.
1- Use filtered water from your Contamin-Eater Whole House filter or Legacy under the sink filter.
2- Place your full bottle onto the PureCool. Either way,  you have made your own Bottled Water for pennies!


SKU 305

$ 11.99

Drinking Water Safe hose and Water Thief to use with PureCool Water Filters for Water Coolers and Crocks.

Would you like to Make your own BPA-Free Bottled Water?
Check out our
PureCool Filters!


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